Alison Le Dain Speech Pathology Clinic offers a range of services including:

  • Assessment of speech and language skills
  • Individualised therapy
  • Parent advice and information
  • Language Development Centre assessment and applications
  • Contact with significant others in the child’s environment including daycare, school and other health professionals
  • Home practice ideas
  • School consultation
  • Collaboration with other services if required including occupational therapy, paediatricians, audiologists.


Assessment and intervention for children experiencing difficulties in the following areas is provided:

  • Articulation/Phonology including childhood apraxia of speech (developmental verbal dyspraxia)
  • Expressive language including syntax/grammar, narrative and vocabulary
  • Social skills
  • Receptive language/Comprehension
  • Pre-literacy and early literacy skills
  • Early language development/Late talkers
  • Stuttering

Children attend for an initial assessment at the Dianella clinic. Following the assessment management options are discussed with the parent. This may include weekly or fortnightly therapy (30 minute or 45 minute appointments are available) or home practice ideas with a follow up phone call or appointment when required.